Springfield police investigate shots fired

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo - The Springfield Police Department was on the north side of town early Monday morning after receiving a shots fired call just after 4 a.m..

According to Neighbors, gun shots were heard in the 1300 block of E. Livingston St.. E. Livingston is one block north of Kearney St. and two blocks west of Glenstone Ave.

They say people living in one house, in particular, are to blame. They want police to do something about it before someone gets seriously hurt.

"This is not the type of neighborhood for this," said Teresia Sherwood.

She was upset to find out that her family was in danger.

"There was five shots fired at this house, for what reason we don't know. At any time it could have hit one of them that's inside. These are elderly people that live here. There's no cause for it here so I don't know why they would target this house. Then when they pulled up, the car right out here, they fired a shot right here at the neighbor's car, or that direction. I don't know if the car was intended but it went through the car window and out the windshield. This puts me in great fear for my mom and dad and my sister that's staying here," she explained.

Her mother, Viola McHaffie has lived in the house for more than 50 years. She says the gun shots scared her.

"I jump out of bed and I saw car lights backing out of that house down there," she says.

Sherwood says trouble near her family's house started about 6 months ago.

"We've got a neighbor down here that definitely needs to be gone," she says.

She explains that everyone living near the house on Eloise Street is on edge.

"Not only did the lady's car get shot last night, the house across the street from her, they broke into them. That lady actually seen the car that left doing this and pulled right up here when they shot through the car," she says.

McHaffie asks, "You just get scared. What are they going to do?"

"She needs to be able to just rest. You can't do that when you can't even go to bed at night and sleep," says Sherwood.

She says her parents aren't the only ones living in fear.

"A lady that lives on the other side of us right here, that's 97 years-old I believe, this happens so much that she is terrified. Last night, just like all the times before, everything that happens down there, her daughter puts her in the car and they have to leave. The neighbors on the other side is having to hide in hallways. This is happening all too often," says Sherwood.

She is hoping an arrest is made soon.

"They're just going to have to find a way to get them. It's going to have to be sooner rather than later before something ends up, really bad, happening," says Sherwood.

We tried to speak to the people living at that house on Eloise but no one was home.

A spokesperson for Springfield Police Department say officers have been called out to that house 9 times so far this year, for various complaints.

They say that people living there may be involved in the shooting Monday morning but have not been able to confirm it yet.

Officers are still investigating.