Springfield restaurant shares profits with Florida school shooting victims

Published: Feb. 26, 2018 at 10:47 PM CST
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It's famous for its hand-cut steaks, loaded baked potatoes, and fresh rolls, but on Monday night Texas Roadhouse in Springfield served up something that doesn't come on a plate; rather, it was from the heart.

100 percent of the profits, about 10 percent of the day's sales, are going straight to the Florida school shooting victims. "Whether it be counseling for families or parents or helping with funerals. Just anything they need," explained Johnny Williams.

Williams -- who makes sure things run smoothly in the restaurant's kitchen -- has a personal connection to the tragedy. He went to the high school in Parkland and played football alongside Aaron Feis for several years. "It's heartbreaking. He had a wife and kid, and I can't even imagine what they're going through," he said.

Feis would become an assistant coach at the school where he once played. On the day of the shooting, he died shielding students from the gunman's bullets.

Thousands streamed into his funeral service to honor their hero. "Before you even heard how he died, you knew he died putting himself in harm's way to save others. That's who he was running towards danger while others were correctly running away from danger. Feis had no gun, no rifle and yet he ran towards helping students," said Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, who spoke at the service.

The selfless act that cost Feis his life was no surprise to his old friend, either. That's why he and the rest of the Texas Roadhouse team were moved to pass it on in their own way with the fundraiser in honor of a beloved coach and hero.

"I think that kind of shows who he was. Like I said he was an amazing guy. He cared about everybody that he came into contact with," Williams said.