Springfield traffic engineer reminds property owners to clear their sidewalks

SPRINGFIELD,Mo. (KY3) -- The sidewalks could turn icy Friday morning causing a slippery situation for some commuters.

Springfield traffic engineer for operations Eric Claussen said it's not possible for the city to treat every road and sidewalk. The city has an ordinance in place that splits up the responsibility.

"As far as driveways and sidewalks it is the homeowner's responsibility to take care of those things," Claussen said.

Unless the area belongs to the city, it's up to the property owner to to get things cleaned up.

'We will take care of our own public facilities and sidewalks," he said. "As far as that on private property or commercial developments, that is the responsibility of the property owner."

The city ordinance gives property owners 10 hours to remove snow or ice. Claussen said ticketing is rare.

"It's just one of those things that it's an ordinance that's on the books but it has to be enforceable and we have to take into consideration that a homeowner has to have a proper amount of time to clear something," he said. "On this particular event it will likely be melted before the expectation would be to clear it."

Bryant Young with Insurers of the Ozarks said if someone slips and falls on ice on your property, you could be covered.

"Regardless if there is snow on the ground, if there is ice on the ground, if there is water on the ground or if there is grass on the ground, if somebody slips and falls on your property and tries to sue you or say that you're negligent in some way you have some coverage on your homeowners insurance from your personal liability portion of your homeowners policy," Young said.

Young said his own building has to keep weather in mind as well.

"We are very big on salting our parking lot and we have a guy on standby who has a backhoe that comes in and scoops our parking lot because we don't want people to slip and fall," he said.

Young said he helps when he can.

"You can see me any morning when there is any kind of precipitation coming out of the sky out there throwing salt in our parking lot so don't want someone to slip and fall and try to come after us for it," he said.