Springfield woman attacked after man follows her into her home

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo -- A woman was attacked by a stranger who followed her into her home in west central Springfield. Around 7:30 on Sunday morning, Sheereen Siddiqui had just gotten home from work.

"I came through here with my gym bag and work bag. And once I came in here (to the kitchen) to set stuff down, boom." Siddiqui explained.

She was hit in the back of the head with something wooden, but her first thought was her daughter Sasha... who was still in the car.

"I threw my keys, and I hit the lock button because I didn't know what they were going to do with her," Siddiqui said through tears, "I didn't really know how far they were going to go with that."

And even while she and the man were fighting, she tried pushing him towards the front door, away from the car.

"Why not drive away with the car and not realize she was in the car?" Siddiqui continued. "You hear stories like that all of the time. And I am glad she just didn't see any of that."

But during the fight Sheereen was overpowered.

"He got a hold of my neck and strangled me, it didn't take long and I saw stars and then I was out." Siddiqui remembered.

When she came too, she found her keys and her phone, then called police. No neighbors saw the man and Siddiqui believes it was because of the weather on Sunday morning.

"There are normally guys here that work construction, they are really nice. We say hi, and they know my daughter. If they were there I don't think this would have happened, but it was snowing, they weren't doing work, so no one was out." said Siddiqui.

Sheereen says her back porch does not have a light to keep it well lit. Something she is hoping to add after her attack on Sunday.

"Things happen, those are the times that we live in. You can live anywhere and things can happen." Siddiqui said.

She suffered a knee injury and other bumps and bruises during the assault. Her attacker was around 5'7", wearing a dark green hoodie and had light brown or sandy blonde hair. Springfield police say they are investigating why she was targeted. If you have any information, please call Springfield police.