Springfield woman wants answers after auto repair shop appears to close its doors with her car in its possession

Published: Sep. 12, 2019 at 9:37 PM CDT
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A Springfield woman is searching for answers after the apparent closure of an auto repair shop.

Jasmine Goodjoint said she has brought her car to Northtown Automotive for repairs over the past two years.This time she said her car has been sitting in the business' parking lot for nearly three weeks, and had closed without warning.

"Why didn't the owner call me?" she said. "We've always had good communication, you've always done good business with me, what would possess you not to call?"

Goodjoint said car broke down at work about three weeks ago and she had it towed to Northtown Automotive and Tire Center.

"I contacted them every day for two weeks basically after to see what was going on with my car and they said well basically they were swamped and that they had other things going on," she said.

Out of frustration, Goodjoint said she kept calling.

"I had called them back again and asked what was going on with my car and he was like 'well I'm not for sure I'll give you a call back," she said. "Next thing I know the phone number was disconnected."

KY3 tried calling the number posted on the building, but the call never went through. KY3 also reached out to them via email Thursday and received no response.

Goodjoint said the last time she went to the business it appeared to be closed.

"Everybody was gone," she said. "Everything in the office was gone [and] nobody had called me and said anything."

The businesses' Facebook page said they're open until 5. When KY3 arrived there at 3:30 p.m. on Thursday the building appeared to be empty. The only item left was a tow truck to pick up one of the three cars left in the parking lot.

"I don't know what the deal is, but it looks like it's closed down to me," said Shawn Tennison, the tow truck driver. "Or they just up and left, one of the two, I don't know which, so we're here to pick the car up for him and get it taken care of."

Goodjoint said now she just wants answers and her car back before a very important deadline.

"I am sixty days from having my fifth child and I have no vehicle, no way to get it fixed now," she said. "I can't take my kids to the doctors. I can't do anything and I'm to the point that I can't even really walk."

The Better Business Bureau has not had any reports that the business is closed. Northtown Automotive's business license was still active as of Thursday.

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