Springfield's Habitat for Humanity receives grant for to provide repair loans

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Habitat for Humanity in Springfield is offering loan assistance to Greene County homeowners in need of repairs.

You may know Habitat for Humanity for building new homes. It does much more than build homes. It also operates the Creating Healthy Homes program. It helps homeowners preserve and repair their homes.

The program just received a $750,000 grant, with the check presentation Wednesday. The funding is from Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines. This is the fifth time Habitat for Humanity has received this grant, but it's the largest one yet.

The money will pay for 40 home repair projects, with an average of $18,750 for each project. The loan is forgiven over the next five years, so if the homeowner stays in the home, they owe nothing. Repairs can include replacing roofs, mechanical system work, new windows, doors or siding, repairing or upgrading plumbing and electrical systems, foundation repair, and even fixing sewer and septic systems. Habitat for Humanity is seeing a trend of fewer people taking advantage of their home buying program and more and more people needing home repairs.

"I've always always had a lot more calls from people that need repairs to the home that they own," said Nancy Williams, Habitat for Humanity of Springfield. "And they might be older folks on fixed incomes. They might be folks on disability checks. And those are the folks that might have a roof that is leaking or a furnace that doesn't work anymore, electrical system upgrade needed, anything like that that we can help them with through this program. "

If you are a low income Greene County homeowner and are interested in applying for the creating healthy homes program, contact Nancy Williams at Habitat for Humanity in Springfield at (417) 829-4001 or click the attached link to learn more and apply. You must have the title and live in the home to qualify.