Springfield's Cruse Dog Park to close for parts of February

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - Springfield’s first off-leash dog park is getting new water fountains in February, for both humans and their best friends.

The Springfield-Greene County Park Board’s Cruse Dog Park, 1069 S. Wabash Ave., will be closed as the new fountains are installed. Closures are scheduled for Feb. 3-7 on the small dog side. A week later, Feb. 10-14, the small dog side reopens and the large dog side will be closed. The schedule is weather-dependent and may be adjusted to accommodate ground conditions.

Only one side will be closed at a time, but during these closures, the open side remains dedicated to the size of dog for which it was built. Small dogs are not allowed in the large dog side, and vice versa.

The scope of work includes removing two decade-old fountain units, burying supply lines deeper underground to protect from freezing, and relocating fountains further from the entry gates.

The fountains are currently turned off for the winter season, and the new fountains will be available for use by the first week in April, when all Park Board outdoor fountains and restrooms are reopened for spring.