Stone County Gazette readers want answers after paper stopped coming

Some Stone County Gazette readers say they haven’t gotten an issue of the newspaper in about three weeks and are seeking answers.

"They would mail it out once a week, you received it like clockwork. So, there's definitely something up," Kimberling City Resident Debra Perry said.

Readers say the paper just stopped coming. They received no notice ahead of time and many are still paying their subscription fees.

"You expect to get something for [your payment], yes," Perry said.

Even local business owners like Wayne Hubbard are paying for advertisements that, he says, people aren't seeing.

"It's costing money and that's the name of the game," Hubbard said.

The managing editor of the newspaper didn't provide much information, because, he says, he didn't want to speak for the owner of the paper. However, he did confirm that he hasn’t been working for about three weeks.

In the meantime, people in Stone County say they can't get answers from the paper.

"Oh yeah, very frustrating," Hubbard said.

The door of the Branson Daily Independent office, whose owner also owns the Stone County Gazette and the Taney County Times, was locked when KY3 News went there in search of answers. The owners couldn't be reached by phone, either.

Perry says area residents miss getting their local headlines through the paper and advertisers say they miss the money it brought them.

"It gave you exactly what was happening locally in Blue Eye, Lampe, and Kimberling. It focused on those areas," Perry said.

"I got a lot of business [from the ad]. Wish they'd keep it up," Hubbard said.