Storm damages home of disabled veteran in Taney County

Rockaway Beach, Mo. -- Many people were affected by strong storms and tornadoes across the Ozarks on April 30, including a disabled veteran in Taney County.

Andre Anderson and his wife have been living without a solid roof over their heads for about two weeks, but they're staying positive through the struggle, with a little help from their friends.

​"It started right here cracking," Anderson said. "Somehow the house moved and shifted. I could feel it. The whole house just felt like it wanted to slowly lift up and go away."

They were a scary few moments for him and his wife.

"Leaves were going everywhere, branches were flying and I thought, 'Oh my gosh, we are next,'" Priscilla Buechsenschuetz said.

Anderson says the roof will need to be replaced and even the structure of the home is compromised.

"I'm worried about my foundation," Anderson said.

He says he doesn't have insurance. So, the cost of the repairs are overwhelming. However, friends are starting to step up. They're raising funds online and even giving through the non-profit for which Anderson works, Riley's Treasures in Branson.

"Never want to ask and I won't ever ask, but I have some amazing friends," Anderson said. "Makes me want to tear up a little bit, makes me very happy."

It's all to help this disabled Marine who is used to serving others. Even after the storm, he was quick to check on his neighbors.

"Running around in the storm, trying to make sure everybody is okay," Anderson said.

While Andre says there are still questions about how they'll pay for the repairs, he calls his family blessed.

"The storm passed just enough to spare us," Anderson said.

Anderson says the cost of a new roof alone could be up to $16,000.

Those wishing to donate to Anderson can give at by searching for "Andre Anderson" or through Riley's Treasures, in downtown Branson.