Police investigate string of car break-ins in south Springfield

Published: Nov. 10, 2019 at 5:18 PM CST
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A string of car break ins at a south Springfield apartment complex is a good reminder to take all of your valuables out of your car and lock your doors.

"It's pretty infuriating to come out and see your car being broken into," said Reggie Harris after his car was broken-into. "You feel a level of violation there."

Harris lives in south Springfield.

"I for one took it for granted, and I'm pretty sure everybody here in this parking lot and this apartment building and the owners of this apartment building probably took for granted that we're on the south side," he said. "This usually doesn't happen."

Harris said more than a half a dozen cars were broken into over night Saturday.

"You know I came out here and this [damage] is what I discovered," he said.

Harris' car window was smashed in and the iPod he had left inside was taken. He said this isn't the first time break-ins like this one have happened in the area.

"My roommate was one of them a couple of weeks ago," Harris said. "He had left his door open and somebody went through his car, ransacked his car and then I just heard today that some people had their door open too."

Springfield police are reminding you to lock up, no matter how safe you think your area is.

"Please especially with this time of year with the holidays and Christmas shopping, don't leave anything in plain site that you think would be worth breaking into your car for and make sure you're locking your cars please," said officer Jacob Boomgaarden.

Recent crime statistics revealed 439 vehicles were stolen in Springfield between July and September. Although those numbers are down from last year, it serves as a reminder to never leave your cars unattended.

"We see it year round, but there is an up tick this time of year," Boomgaarden said.

As temperatures are expected to fall Monday, police are also warning people to stay in their cars while warming them up to prevent someone else from taking off in it.