Summer child-care options across Springfield

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3/KSPR) - There are plenty of childcare options for the summer, there are also plenty of different prices. Below is a list of just a few options near the Springfield area.

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Springfield
The Boys and Girls Clubs of Springfield work to guide young adults and kids in our community toward a bright future. "We provide activities and opportunities so kids can realize 'Hey, I can become whatever I wanna dream and dream of becoming,'" said Jeff Long, the Director of Operations. This summer they will offer everything from guest speakers to fun and active field trips in their summer programs. They also focus on academics because Long said parents are concerned about a loss of learning over the summer vacation. The national curriculum for all Boys and Girls Clubs is called "Summer Brain Gain."Jeff Long also talked about their brand new teen program and how it is so needed in Springfield. "We know that when teens have a lot of time on their hands sometimes bad things can occur, so we are just trying to provide a positive alternative to that."

Prices for the different programs through the Boys and Girls Clubs are listed below. The programs start Monday, May 21.

Teen Summer Night = $150

Summer Programs
Registration = $10 (includes a lanyard ID and t-shirt) + $35 Deposit
May = $70
June & July = $140
August = $70

*Fees cover Monday - Friday from 7:00 am - 5:45 pm with transportation to and from assigned Springfield Public School "Explore" sites.

SPARC Programs with the Springfield-Greene Co. Park Board
SPARC's been around for 20 years, offering a huge array of options for parents and kids to choose from. The program sees up to 700 kids every summer. Brad Stulce with the program says it's all about letting the kids try new things and keeping them active. "That's what it's all about is being able to experience the new things that are available to them here in their community," said Stulce. "A lot of the camps that we offer introduce them to those smaller nuggets of experience, like tennis for one day, and if they like it they can go to a full day or full week camp."

Prices for the different programs can vary depending on the activity and duration of the class or camp. Some of them are listed below.

Summer Adventure Camp & Ritter Springs Day Camp = $90/week
Summer Quest Camp = $100/week

The SPARC program also offers wrap-around services that compliment the Springfield Public School's "Explore" program.

The YMCA Summer Day Camps and Camp Wakonda
The YMCA's goal is to keep kids moving, exploring, and learning. Hayden Ponsar, a Program Director for School Aged Services at the Springfield YMCA locations, also said it's also about building relationships. "They're focusing on the relationships built, we look at getting those kids connected to the other kids, we focus on getting those kids connected to staff," Ponsar said of the different day camp options. The YMCA also offers an overnight camp called Camp Wakonda. The camp's Director says it's a great chance for kids to get off the technology grip and have fun in nature. "Campers leave their phones at home," explained Steve Maynard. "Unplugged for a week, connected for a lifetime is what we like to say at camp."

Prices for the different programs through the YMCA are listed below.

YMCA Day Camps = $80 - $100/week (Discounts for members)
The YMCA also offers wrap-around services that compliment the Springfield Public School's "Explore" program.
Camp Wakonda also tried to make it possible for all kids to join in on the fun with tiered pricing and financial aid options.

The Discovery Center
Maybe parents don't need full time child-care, but just want a break form the kids. The Discovery Center in the heart of Downtown Springfield offers a wide variety of camps. Some of the workshops are only a couple of hours, while others are up to a week long. The week long camps are strategically offered when Springfield Public School's "Explore" program is not in session. Jackie Douglas, the Education Director for The Discovery Center, said kids have absolutely loved their programs in the past. She also said the activities can have long term impacts. "They get so inspired and they're much more likely to take an academic risks wen they get older if they're exposed to some of this higher level science when they are younger," said Douglas.

Prices for the different programs through The Discovery Center are listed below.

Half Day Camps = $100
Two Day Camps = $100
Week Long Camps = $250

There are discounts for those who are members at The Discovery Center.

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