Summer sickness ramps up in the Ozarks

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo - The Quick Care Cox Health Clinic at HyVee is staying busy. Family Nurse Practitioner, Diane Tremain, says she is seeing many come in with summer colds.

"For some reason, there has been this particular virus going around," Tremain said.

Tremain says the symptoms vary from scratchy throats, fevers, runny noses, body aches to coughing.

"We've seen an uptick in some viral illnesses," Tremain said. "Where patients have been coming in and they have been running some fevers and feeling achy all over."

This cold does not require antibiotics Tremain says. She believes using Mucinex and alternating between ibuprofen and Tylenol (following the appropriate dosage on the label) should help cut the virus.

Tremain says drinking plenty of fluids will also help fight off sickness.

"Hopefully this virus can kind of work it's way through and people can enjoy their summer," Tremain said.