Sun's out, guns out workout

On this Fit Friday, KY3's Paul Adler visits with David Poland from Extreme Fitness.

They look at 5 good, intense arm workouts that anyone can do.

Here's how David describes the workout:

Use dumbbells and adjust the weight to increase or decrease intensity; a 5lb. dumbbell being the lightest, and a 15lb being your max.

Attempt 15 repetitions with the first two exercises, and 10 reps
each with the last three, totaling 30 reps. Do these reps back to back for about a 5 to 10 minute workout and then repeat for 3 sets.

The first two exercises work out the biceps from two different angles.

The first exercise is the bicep curl. Sit on a workout bench, palms facing out and gripping the dumbbells. Get a full range of
motion by extending your arms and making a full contraction. Squeeze the bicep muscles as you bring the dumbbells in toward your chest.

The next exercise is the dumbbell hammer curl. This exercise gets its name because it uses the same motion as hitting with a hammer. Again, aim for full range of motion to work out your forearms.

The next three exercises will work your triceps. For these exercises, lie
back on the workout bench, facing upward. The first is the dumbbell skull crusher. Extend your arms away from your body with elbows facing up. Curl the dumbbells to the side of your head.

The second exercise is a variation of the last. Roll your hands deeper so your tap your shoulders with each rep.

Last, curl the dumbbells to your chest with each rep.

Exteme Fitness