Neighbors looking for answers after surveillance footage surface of drive-by shooting

SPRINGFIELD, Mo-- Surveillance footage surfaced in one west Springfield neighborhood of a drive-by shooting that happened early Saturday morning.

With one house hit more than a dozen times, neighbors aren't allowing the incident to scare them away.

"Um, I was freaked out," said Neighbor, Rachel Farris. "It literally sounded like someone was trying to break down our window."

Farris says it was a noise, that mimicked banging on a window, which woke her up early Saturday morning. It's a noise she says, still has her sleepless.

"Next time it could be coming through our house. It could be my child that gets shot," said Farris.

Neighbor Dilbert Willard says he's upset at what happened, but he isn't intimidated.

"Whenever something like this happens, it's a tragedy," said Willard. "You know, that it's going on, and it don't matter what neighborhood you're in, it can happen."

All the more reason Willard says he protects his family, with guns, pets, a security system, and cameras . His cameras caught the drive-by shooting.

"We talked to the police officer; the police officer told them that we had some footage on our surveillance camera and that they were more than welcomed to come and get it," said Willard.

However five days later, no one has come to see the video.

"Honestly, it makes me feel a lot more unsafe, because if something like this were to happen to me, you know I would expect them to investigate it to the fullest," explained Willard.

KY3 and KSPR called police Wednesday, May 15, about the video. Springfield police explained the detective had a few days off, and this afternoon, a detective called Willard with a plan to watch the video Thursday. KY3/KSPR has edited out parts of the video, since it's an active investigation.

Farris says she hopes they catch the shooter soon.

"I'm not fearful to live here, I just don't want it to happen again," said Farris.