Survive the Storm: Storm scams to avoid

Published: Mar. 25, 2019 at 1:02 PM CDT
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There are storm chasers. Then there are storm followers.

These are fly-by-night companies wanting to offer you a cleanup deal.

For years, On Your Side has shown honest pay, won't always get you honest work. From tree trim troubles to roof repair rip-offs ... crooks aim to profit from your misfortune. As if mother nature, did not already give you a blow.

Be a skeptic.

Look for marked vehicles and uniforms.

Business cards are not enough. Ask to see their insurance certificate.

"If you actually do hire them to work on your house and they do get hurt, you could be liable for that if they do not have the proper insurance coverage," said Charlyce Ruth with the Home Builders Association.

The Home Builders Association encourages you to hire local. If there's a problem, a 417, reputable company will likely return to fix it. Get references.

"Everyone has one or two great references. Ask for ten or fifteen. You might only call three. It's your choice, but make sure they have lots of good references," said Ruth.

An extremely low bid is a red flag. Get the project done right the first time.

"Ripping out poorly done work and redoing is far more costly than doing it done properly the first time," said Ruth.

Remember, a good deal today should be a good deal tomorrow.

Many cities in the Ozarks require a peddler's license for companies to go door-to-door. The salesperson should show you that license.

Here's an easy way to find a reputable company. Use the Home Builder's Association Website.


Go to the Home Pro's section. All those companies have the required credentials and they're in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.