Survivor grateful for indictment in duck boat sinking

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — An Indianapolis woman who lost her husband, three children and five other relatives when a tourist boat sank in Missouri says she's grateful that prosecutors have filed charges in the case.

Tia Coleman's family members were among 17 people who died after an amphibious vessel known as a duck boat sank on Table Rock Lake near Branson during a sudden storm in July. Coleman was among 14 survivors.

An indictment released Thursday charges the boat's captain, Kenneth Scott McKee, with 17 counts related to the deaths. Other victims were from Missouri, Arkansas and Illinois.

Coleman released a statement saying nothing can ease the grief in her heart, but that she appreciates federal prosecutors are "fighting for justice" and holding people responsible for the tragedy.

An attorney representing the Coleman family and several other victims says he's confident the investigation will go beyond McKee.