Tamiflu may be hard to find in the Ozarks

Published: Jan. 31, 2018 at 8:56 PM CST
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The flu-fighting prescription drug Tamiflu is hard to come by across the country, and supply is spotty in the Ozarks as well.

David Kerr has run the Downtown Pharmacy since September 2015. He's seen this flu season first hand.

"Oh I think the numbers are up this year," Kerr said. "We've seen a lot more people. We haven't really dispensed a lot of Tamiflu, but we've seen a lot more people come in with symptoms and buy over the counter products."

There are already 200 more reported cases of the flu in Greene County this year than there were all of last year.

Kerr says he's usually able to find Tamiflu stock through some channel or another, but his customers are going a different route.

"Ususally, the Tamiflu, if you don't use it in the first two days it doesn't do a lot of good, so I think maybe people are waiting a little longer and going the over the counter route," he said.

Other pharmacies in Springfield tell KY3 that it can be hit or miss, especially with the kid-friendly version.

"We may see a shortage coming, but right now there seems to be a supply," Kerr said.

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