Taney County Ambulance District earns financial reward

Published: Jan. 30, 2019 at 4:49 PM CST
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A local ambulance district is getting a big reward for promoting safety among its workers.

The Taney County Ambulance District received a more than $11,000 check from its workman's compensation insurance company.

"So, we evaluate the safety processes that they have in place and so based on their safety performance, they're eligible to receive a dividend check," Missouri Employers Mutual Insurance Safety Specialist Rhonda Kauffman said.

The district implements safety measures like electronic cots to help paramedics lift patients, non-slip snow shoes for staff to wear while responding to emergencies in winter weather, and even caution tape for potential slipping hazards around the station.

They may seem like small changes but they can make a big difference in keeping responders safe on the job.

"You're really one back injury away from being out of a career as a paramedic. So, seeing everything that TCAD does to keep us safe, in all aspects," Lt. Johnathan Tudor said.

The money will go back to the district's general fund and will likely be used on more safety measures or training for staff.