Teaching kids healthy lessons about competition

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. Parents and children are watching soaring victories and crushing defeats during the Olympics.

So, In Today's Live, Life, Well, we're looking at ways you can teach kids healthy lessons about competition.

On the plus side, competition can teach kids to work harder. It can build self esteem and they can learn to work as a team.

But, a warning for parents, competition can be unhealthy when a child feels they need to win to get your approval or affection.

Dr. Jennifer Baker says, "that can lead to bullying in sports and aggression in sports, because, frankly, if your sense of self worth is on the line, people will do things sometimes to put themselves in a higher position because that's the only way they can feel good about themselves."

A couple things that can help a child with a very competitive personality. You can encourage them to recognize and praise talent in other people.

You can also be a good role model.

And, you could play games of chance like go fish or old maid or even Yahtzee. These are games where skill or strategy alone won't determine the winner. That way children have to learn to manage failure.