Branson, Mo. teenager starts donut business to help sister pursue nursing degree

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BRANSON, Mo. -- If you visit Branson Landing you'll notice a tiny kiosk selling tiny bite-sized donuts not far from the dancing fountains in the center of the complex.

But the tiny kiosk and tiny donuts are all made possible from an owner with a big heart.

19 year-old Liam Story started College Fund Donuts to raise money to help his 17 year-old sister Lily go to nursing school.

"She's a real sweet person and I think it takes a special kind of person to be a nurse," Liam said. "She's just one of those people who has the ability to serve people. Definitely a servant's heart."

"I always knew that Liam was selfless," Lily said in returning the compliment. "But to this degree it's definitely got me emotional."

Big bro and little sis have always shared a close bond.

"Growing up we were best friends," Liam said. "We didn't have anybody else in school because we were home-schooled."

But like any siblings, Liam would also torment his sister like the photos their mom shared of Liam chasing Lily around a yard with a bullfrog in his outstretched hand.

"Liam has definitely spent a lot of years trying to annoy her," said their mom Kate Story. "And she's obliged."

Ironically, the business that's helping Lily go to college only exists because Liam dropped out of college.

"He went to school and after one year decided it wasn't for him," Kate explained. "We kind of went back-and-forth on do we make him get a degree or do we let him go ahead and do this. In the end we decided it was better to let him follow his path."

But in helping Lily fulfill her life's ambition, Liam is also fulfilling his.

"I've always wanted to be an entrepreneur so she needed a degree to pursue her dream and I needed to be an entrepreneur to pursue my dream," Liam said.

Liam has had to grow up fast as a teenager starting a business from scratch.

"He's got a receding hairline," Kate said with a smile. "He's always been a bit of an old soul but he's definitely maturing."

Lily said her greatest joy comes in seeing her shy, quite brother become more extroverted.

"Probably just seeing my brother grow," she answered when asked what she's noticed the most about how Liam has changed. "He's always been more reserved and so all the relationships he's had to build throughout starting the business was a really big step for him. He's been getting out of his comfort zone a lot."

Liam already has big plans for the future.

"I do want to franchise this and allow other people to fund their college as well," he said.

And should he decide to hold this act of kindness over his sister's head for the rest of their lives?

"It might turn into one of those brother-sister arguments again," Lily said with a laugh.

Liam estimates that he'll need about $80,000 to help his sister get her nursing degree.

After achieving that goal, he hopes to give other students scholarships from his business earnings.