Teens Are Not Thrilled About Your Social Media Sharing

SPRINGFIELD, Mo A University of Michigan study could be an eye opener for some parents. Your kids may not like all that sharing you're doing about them on social media.

The researchers talked to kids between 10 and 17. Turns out, the children are often frustrated with parents. They want their parents to ask permission before posting.

Here in the Ozarks, Doctor Jennifer Baker worries about another issue. Parents who overshare about their kids. Oversharing may make the kids think that they're the center of the universe, the star of every parade and the winner of every trophy.

Dr Baker says, "In some cases you could very definitely be giving your child an inflated sense of self worth... It's good for them to be self confident. But, it's not good for them to think it's all about them all the time."

Baker says the child needs to understand that they're still important even when they're not on center stage.

Meantime, kids are okay with you sharing positive images. But, that picture of grandma kissing your teenager might be considered too embarrassing to share. The advice for parents; ask before uploading.