That's Not Your Spot: On Your Side confronts drivers in handicap spots without tags on MSU campus

It all started because one mother told us she repeatedly had problems finding a spot to park for her handicap son.

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Two months later, we wanted to know if the situation is better. On Your Side went back to the same lot.

We did not tell anyone with campus security we would show up. When we arrived, not one vehicle was parked in a handicap spot that doesn't have the sticker. About a half an hour later, classes ended. Then we spotted two drivers illegally parked in disabled spots.

Andrew Paul has the proper tags and says he comes to this lot five days a week. This is an on-going problem, but he believes our story made an impact.

"Security comes out a lot more," he said.

"Since your story first aired we've issued forty-nine tickets to people parked in those areas," said Tom Johnson, Director Safety and Transportation at Missouri State University.

Keep in mind, that's including a long winter break. When we were out, we spotted one officer checking tags and plates. It's a $105 fine, no appeal.

"A little more focused enforcement. We will continue to do that because it's the right thing to do," said Johnson.

We decided to come back the next day around lunch time. We spotted three drivers within fifteen minutes in the handicap spot without tags.
We never saw a vehicle in a handicap spot for longer than five minutes.
This is still breaking the law. Only one car was spotted unattended. All drivers moved their vehicles when we approached. You might remember, that didn't happen last time.

Brooke Gober says at MSU and around town she has trouble finding a space for her van and ramp. She often sees cars, motorcycles and mopeds parked on the lines. Lines, designated for her.

"That makes me so angry. That happens all the time. When that happens, I can't get in my van," she said.

"They're not supposed to be parked next to the ADA spot. There are some lined areas for motorcycles and mopeds can park in, but they're not next to ADA spots," said Johnson.

"It sucks. As much as I understand that people are frustrated and they want to get to places fast, too, I just want to go somewhere," said Gober.

We know this isn't just a problem at Missouri State, but that's where we got the tip. Here's how you can tell us about other places. Use the hashtag #ThatsNotYourSpot This will help us determine where to go, for our next story.