Parents can get physical at the playground

Springfield, Mo KY3's Paul Adler visits with David Poland of Extreme Fitness. They demonstrate three moves you can do at the park while your kids play.

Here's what David wrote:
** The first workout is the bench dip. Rather than sit on the park bench while your kids get all the exercise, use the bench as a workout tool.

Start by gripping the bench on both sides of your body, face away from the bench. Your elbows should be pointing backwards and there should be a right angle between your upper arms and forearms. Your legs remain still as you lift your upper body off the bench. Your foot position will determine the difficulty of the workout. For a difficult workout, straighten your legs all the way out. For an easier workout, bring your legs closer to your body.

** For the second workout, all you need is the green grass. Do pushups with your legs fully extended or from your knees for an easier workout.

** And last, use the horizontal climbing ladder found at most playgrounds to do pull ups. Using one of the outside bars, and with an overhand grip, pull yourself off the ground with your head above the bar. Repeat 10 to 15 times.

Another option is to use two adjacent inside bars, one hand gripping each bar.

These three outdoor upper body workouts will get you some exercise time while your kids play and without having to go to the gym.