The Goddard School abruptly closes in Springfield, Mo.

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Three-year old Troy Thomas has been going to the Goddard School for the past few months. His mom, Cassandra Thomas, said its been the best thing for him.

She says before the Goddard School she was having a hard time finding the good fit for her son's education. Thomas says most day cares right now are full because school is starting.

KY3 went to the Goddard School to look for answers. They said they did not have comment at the time. KY3 also called the corporate office, which also has not responded to our voicemail.

An email parents received from the school says it will be closing its doors on August 30. It doesn't give a reason why, but reads it was a difficult one and it regrets the inconvenience to the families who trust them to watch their children. The email went on to read it will refund people who have prepaid.

While some parents are scrambling to find child care for their children, Thomas says she has found a day care for her son.