SURVIVE THE STORM: The movement of storms across the Ozarks

Published: Apr. 8, 2017 at 12:29 AM CDT
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One question we often get into the KSPR weather center is why storms seem to follow the interstate or why do they stay north or south of I-44 and highway 60.

Is there really anything to that?

So first of all, it's a great geographic reference when we talk about where weather systems are , where precipitation may be going or coming from. Most everyone knows where the 44 corridor is so it is a great place to use as a reference.

In other words, meteorologists on TV use that so everyone kind of understands where the storms are, east or west of certain landmarks like highways.

The other side of that is, it is on top of the Ozark plateau so sometimes, just a little bit of elevation gain, you can get subtle effects to weather systems especially winter weather.

But what about why storms seem to ride right along the interstate?

Well if you notice the orientation of the interstate is southwest to northeast, and many of our storms ride southwest to northeast. Prevailing storm systems and wind flow, so it just simply follows that direction.

So the next time you hear us talking about storms riding along the I-44 corridor or highway 60 or 65 just remember the road networks have no influence on how the Ozarks weather plays out.