The Tim Tebow Foundation's Night to Shine rolls out the red carpet for a special night

WEST PLAINS, Mo. -- Friday night, more than 600 churches worldwide made it possible for people with special needs age 14 and up to have their own prom night experience. Here locally, one annual Night to Shine event took place in West Plains.

Friday night, the Endurance Church of West Plains joined hundreds of others churches in for The Tim Tebow Foundation's Night to Shine event.

This was the 2nd Annual Night to Shine for Endurance Church.

Giving all special needs persons 14 and older in Howell County, a prom night experience.

It began with dinner.

Then a limo ride to the church and a walk down the red carpet.

"I love it,"Andy Jensen said.

"It was awesome. You feel like you're rich," Christian Gunnarson told KY3.

Dancing the night away along with MSU-West Plains cheerleaders.

"It's a lot of fun. I look forward all year for this," Weston Spurling added.

"Dancing has been great. I've loved it and the music has been wonderful. Everybody has just really been great," Marcia Tavakoli said.

A night fit for kings and queens.

"My tiara and my fiance got his crown. He's been having fun and we've been having a blast," Jennifer Harris exclaimed.

"It's just so exciting, Bryan Adcock explained. It's a delight to see that they're having a good time and have an opportunity to do something that they may have never ever got to do before."

Local first reponders also gave rides around the parking lot.

"It pulls everybody together for unity," Endurance Church Pastor Jerry Heath told KY3.

"We just don't want it to end," Tavakoli added.

It was truly a Night to Shine.

The church says they will open up the Night to Shine events to other surrounding counties around Howell County for next year's event.