VSCO GIRLS: The cost of the latest teen trend

Published: Dec. 17, 2019 at 8:27 AM CST
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We're checking out the cost of the latest teen trend and if this trend is anything you should be worried about on this Live, Life, Well.

The hot trend in middle, junior high and high schools is something called a VSCO girl. These teens are environmentally conscious and have a laid back vibe.

The outfit is likely to include several of the following items: tie dye letter print T-shirts ($13-$25), Pure Vida bracelets ($7-$12), a Hydro Flask water bottle ($40 ), metal drinking straws ($8), Birkentstocks ($100), Scrunchies ($5-$8) and they may want to drive a Jeep Wrangler (starting at ($28,295).

Clinical Psychologist Dr. Jennifer Baker says if your child wants all these items that definitely does not mean you pay for them.

"You might say, well, I'm not going to purchase a Hydro Flask for you. Or, I'd be willing to contribute $10 dollars toward the purchase of a Hydro Flask. But, you're on your own for the rest of it." says Dr. Jennifer Baker: "Now, I think we just need to remember that kids want to be part of a group. So, they're trying to in adolescence to figure out which group or which tribe am I a part of."

Dr. Baker's message for parents about teen trends is to relax unless it involves something permanent or dangerous.

For instance, if your teenager wants a big tattoo on their neck, you can say no. You just tell them, when you're 18 or you're out on your own, then, you can choose to spend your own money on things like that.

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