The pests are out! Here's the steps to protect your house from unwanted bugs

Published: May. 20, 2020 at 4:11 PM CDT
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It is that time of year again, the bugs are out. While you may be tempted to smack them with a newspaper or shoe, there are more effective ways of getting rid of these pests.

“If people would sneak in your kitchen at night, turn on a light real quick, then if they have any kind of infestation they’ll see them," said Bob Bowman, the assistant manager with Westlake Ace Hardware.

You may notice even more bugs this year because of spring conditions.

“It’s that perfect storm of temperature and dampness that the bugs need," Ivan Eftink, the owner of Bug Zero said.

Bugs love the moisture and are often buzzing about after a big storm. Eftink says the first step to eliminating bugs in your home, is to eliminate moisture. You can do this by cleaning out the gutters.

“Remove any leaf litter that may have accumulated around your foundation,” Eftink said.

Check your kitchen, laundry room, and bathrooms for leaking pipes. These places often become nesting grounds for insects.

Avoid leaving out fruits and dog food which attracts ants and fruit flies.

“They’re just after their food source,” Bowman said.

The next step is to start spraying and leaving out traps.

“Every specific killer has got specific instructions to it. Fully read them. They will do the job as long as they are used as directed,” Bowman said.

Sprays are good for repelling insects in your home. You can use them along baseboards, window sills, and around doors. You can also purchase sprays that kill bugs and insects on contact. Read the labels because different sprays are made to kill different insects.

Bait traps work better against ants and fruit flies. Put them in a place where children and pets can not reach.

“Preferable under a cabinet, or up high or on a windowsill,” Bowman said. He warned to especially be careful to keep bait traps out of reach from cats.

For outdoors, avoid spraying on windy days to prevent chemicals from blowing in the air.

“Cloudy days is probably just fine as long as it doesn’t rain before it dries… a sunny day it will dry a lot more quickly,” Eftink said.

Keep children and pets away from sprays until they are dry.

"Any liquid needs to dry to be safe, period,” Bowman said.

Keep children and pets out of the room or yard until the solution has dried.

We are nearly finished with termite season, and currently are seeing an increase in ticks and ants. Eftink says later this spring we will start to see more hornets and bees outside.