Developers plan new housing projects in Rogersville, Mo.

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ROGERSVILLE, Mo. -- Three new housing projects will provide homes for people of all ages in Rogersville, Mo. Larry Sutton, the city administrator, says they need more housing to keep up with demand.

"People like the small town atmosphere and it is just a great city," Sutton said.

The new projects are located along Hwy VV. The Villas of Rogersville will have 87 residential lots and 29 units for people 55 and older. Sutton says construction should begin soon.

Located near the Villas of Rogersville is Copper Rock. This large facility will be a 90-bed nursing home. Phase one is expected to open in Spring 2019.

"For the city we like it," Sutton said. "We are going to have a lot of new jobs, you're going to have the employees and they are going to move here to work and live."

Further down the road on Hwy. VV will be Woodland Hills. It will be located across the street from the new fire station. This neighborhood will have 128 residential lots and room for commercial development.

Sutton believes if the rooftops are built, the retail will follow.

"We do see the growth," Sutton said. "We're having really nice projects come along that are improving our community."

For a local business owner, David Clouse, he has seen the boom first hand.

"We want things to do be busy, especially in the business community because Rogersville needs that," Clouse said.

Clouse says he has been praying for the city to take off. He is eager to see what will come next.

Sutton says the city is upgrading the sewer lines to keep up with demand. That project is expected to cost between $600,000 to $700,000. The work should be completed by the end of Feb.

Dr. Shawn Randles, superintendent of Logan-Rogersville, says the school is also planning ahead. They will have different issues for voters on the ballot in April. He says one will be an operating levy. The other will be an $8 million no tax increase bond which will be used to improve safety and security measures at each school and renovate Logan Elementary.