The ways rough and tumble play benefits a child

We're looking at the impact of old fashioned rough and tumble play as we approach Father's Day.

You may have heard that more adventurous and unstructured playgrounds are making a comeback in the United States. Many communities have eliminated anything that could be considered even slightly risky.

But, researchers say that kills a kid's creativity and problem solving skills.

Meantime, Dr. Jennifer Baker tells us a father's roughhousing with a child introduces an element of risk too. And, that's a good thing.

Dr. Jennifer Baker says, "The research indicates that sort of rough and tumble play or roughhousing that fathers do actually teaches children to regulate their emotions. Because, fathers help them turn it on and turn it off."

Dr. Baker also says the research shows that type of play can curb aggression in children.

If you're a single mom encourage your dad or any brothers to be active and engaged with your child.