Thieves steal hundreds of dollars of donations for Springfield animal rescue center

Published: Dec. 2, 2019 at 7:50 PM CST
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A Springfield animal center hopes showing its surveillance footage will help catch thieves who stole donations right before the Thanksgiving holiday. They got away with hundreds of dollars worth of donations to the Castaway Animal Rescue Effort's thrift shop.

"You're not just stealing from the thrift store, but from the animals too," said Rob Hardy.

Rob Hardy works at Castaway Animal Rescue Efforts on Sunshine St. He says in addition to the adoption center, they have a thrift store to help pay bills.

"We use these donations to help fund the vet bills, to fund the treatment, fund everything that goes into our adoption center," said Hardy.

Hardy says the thieves came to the back of the building where donations are dropped off and started loading their car.

"You see a gray SVU come up, it looks like a Hyundai Santa Fe and then another person walking up to the side of the vehicle," said Hardy.

On the video, you can the individuals taking a lawnmower, gas tank, purses and much more. Hardy says a CARE employee opened the door and came out during the burglary, but the thieves took off.

"They jump in their car and took off pretty quickly," said Hardy.

Hardy says they have filed a police report and even added more cameras to help catch who did this.

"But there are just some things that obviously can happen during business hours that we don't have control over," said Hardy.

Rob says he asks going forward for people to deliver donations differently.

"Sometimes donations are dropped off while the employee at the thrift shop is busy so it would help if there is an expensive and valuable donation to bring it in the front door and to let the employee know there is something of value going to be dropped off outback," said Hardy.

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