Third recycling center closing in the Ozarks within past year

Published: Oct. 1, 2019 at 9:46 PM CDT
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Donna Floyd owns Marshfield Electric. She's been recycling at Web-Co Custom Industries Inc. in Marshfield since it opened nearly eight years ago.

Floyd sells most of her store's items come in a box, therefore, she recycles rather than putting it in the landfill. She says it has been the talk of the town since the closing announcement was made from the non-profit.

Web-Co Custom industries Inc. plans to shut down its recycling as soon as the first of next month.

Michael Frazier is the General Manager at Web-Co Custom Industries. He says the board of directors have decided to close because they experienced a more than $50,000 loss last year. Frazier says there is just such a surplus of items such as cardboard and tin that there is no demand.

"Aluminum is down to 40 cents a pound, the automotive market went back to using steel," said Frazier.

"It's a combination of China closing its doors on buying all recycling and the petroleum prices being so low its cheaper to cut a tree down or make a new bottle than to use recycle products to make those products," said Frazier.

Frazier says none of his employees will lose their jobs and will be given work in a different department., but he knows the loss of the center within the community will have a negative ripple affect because people will not want to drive to Springfield just to recycle.

Floyd agrees as she does not have the time to make the trip.

Both Frazier and Floyd say they fear people will just dump their trash, resulting in growing landfills.

"Hopefully if the market comes back we'll keep the machinery and we can go back to recycling, right now that is out of our control," said Frazier.

Other recycling centers that have recently closed were in Rogersville and Seymour.