Ways to revamp your resume while looking for work as businesses reopen

SPRINGFIELD,Mo. (KY3) -- As more businesses reopen, many are bringing back furloughed workers or hiring new ones.

"They're going to scan, read, accept or reject your resume in less than three tenths of one second," said TJ Panique, the workforce development specialist with the Missouri Career Center in the Ozarks.

Panique said many resumes are checked using a computer program, and its best to list skills from the description of the job you're applying for.

"Change your resume every single time that you apply for a new employer," he said. "One employer uses the word 'creative' and the next employer you apply for uses the word 'innovative,' to you and I it's the same word, but to the computer it reads it in black and white."

When it comes to putting together your resume, he said the format can be just as important as the skills that you list on the resume.

"One inch margins, the Arial or Calibri font, the 12 font size," Panique recommended. "All those little things like that are going to play a huge factor in whether your resume is read or not."

If you worked at the same place for years, and are now re-starting your job search, emphasize the different job titles you held, your growth and promotion within the company.

"A lot of people that come into our office they've either lost their job or they want to switch career fields totally," said Lacey Busick, a career advisor at Ozarks Technical Community College.

She said the school works to help students build their resume with hands on experience.

"They're over in the lab and they're actually working on the cars or they're actually pulling up the you know graphic design software and they're practicing what they're going to be doing in the workforce," Busick said.

She said the college will also help students prepare for the career field by holding mock-interviews and emphasizing the college says make them more marketable to employers. Busick said her biggest piece of advice is to not downplay your experience.

"[Students] will give me so many examples of real world experience, but they'll say 'its not an actual job," she said. "That's OK, we're going to get that on your resume because its still real experience."

Busick said she and her team are still providing career services virtually right now. The Missouri Career Center is also holding virtual career fairs and working to help job seekers in the Ozarks however they can. There is a full list of jobs available on their website.

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