Tornado cleanup underway in Marion County, Ark.

YELLVILLE, Ark. - Marion County crews started back up around 7 a.m.clearing the debris and fixing washed out roads south of Yellville, after a tornado came through the county Thursday morning.

Marion County Judge John Massey made a disaster declaration to the state Friday afternoon.

Massey believes it’ll be weeks before they get everything completely cleared out.

He said the Marion County road department and sheriff's office are working along with Entergy, ARDOT, Yelcot and Red Cross.

The Arkansas Department of Transportation is moving trees and branches off State Highway 14.

Some trees are still down, and a few dozen houses are still without power after the tornado.

“It’s bad, but it’s scattered," Massey said. "It’s just all in a line, so it’s going to be probably two or three weeks of cleaning up.”

Multiple homes were damaged from the winds and the rain.

“There may be a couple more out there that we don’t know about, but right now our number is six," said Stan Duffy, the Marion County Office of Emergency Management Director.

Duffy said at least two of the six houses were destroyed.

“I’ve seen some with the roofs messed up and the ceilings collapse," Massey said. "I talked to some guys this morning who had a house and the roof blew off, and the inside of the house filled up with water.”

The county is working to fix roads that were washed out by the rain,
like County Road 5059, which is less than 10 miles south of Yellville.

“The school has called us, and they couldn’t get a school bus down. It had washed out," Massey said. "We were out there fixing that road."

Now the state is looking into the damage.

“I met with the Arkansas Department of Emergency management from the state, and we’ve been driving around doing home assessments and road damage assessment," Duffy said.

The Red Cross was helping people who needed food and shelter at the New Hope Baptist Church south of Yellville.

If you were affected by this tornado and need food or shelter, you are asked to call the Marion County Judge’s office. The number is (870) 449-6231.