Tornado destroyed docks, boats near Shell Knob

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SHELL KNOB, Mo. (KY3) - The National Weather Service says an EF-0 tornado destroyed boats and docks on Table Rock Lake near the Missouri 39 bridge south of Shell Knob.

One dock had two boats inside it. They're overturned and pretty much destroyed. Limbs and trees are down and power poles are knocked over.

"Docks upside down, boats upside down, severe damage to the docks,” said Central Crossing Fire Chief Rusty Rickard.

The fire chief says the tornado took out four docks along Farm Road 1252. It also demolished a dock across the lake at The Timbers Resort.

One of the resort owners says the dock took the only damage to the property. It’s open for business as the busy season on the lake begins.

"That was a 12-slip dock. It looks like a one-slip dock now. We are still open for business. No sitting on the dock for a couple of days, but other than that, we are in good shape,” said resort owner Mike Phillips.

"It's bad timing, but people here deal with it, they'll bounce back and do what they do,” said Rickard.

Some people who live just a few feet from a damaged dock say they were home when the storm hit on Thursday night and they heard it come through. They say, from the sounds of the wind, they're just thankful they're okay.