Tower collapse in Fordland knocked out the weather radio transmitter

Published: Apr. 19, 2018 at 11:09 PM CDT
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The deadly tower collapse in Fordland knocked out the National Weather Service's weather radio transmitter.

"I deal with emergencies everyday but this sounded a little crazy. When I first arrived all of the survivors were in that state of couldn't believe it happened." said Richard Stirts, the Fire Chief of the Logan-Rogersville Fire Protection District.

Stirts was one of the first people on the scene for something that he isn't familiar with.

"Really as long as I have been in fire service, this isn't an event that happens everyday. We like to be prepared for everything, and look at those angles, and history is the best teacher that there is." said Stirts.

Now thousands of people can't get weather radio warnings from the national weather service, this with thunderstorm and tornado season getting underway.

"When the power goes out and the signal goes out for the cell phone providers, it is hard to get that information." said Stirts.

Until the transmitters are repaired emergency workers say you should look for other ways to stay informed.

"You can go online and get weather information. And you can tune into your favorite broadcast station and get information, there are many avenues you can take now to get good factual weather alerts." said Larry Woods, the director of the office of emergency management.

But now that the weather radios are down for a large portion of southwest Missouri, you need to prepare for how you will get your weather information in case of an emergency.

"Folks are just going to have to go to a special effort to prepare today. Know how you are going to get a message and communicate, don't wait until the thunderstorm is here in a week or so." said Stirts.

Some cities in the area where the Fordland tower transmitted can re-program their weather radio to pick up another tower:

Branson: 162.550

Ava: 162.425

Republic: 162.425

Lebanon: 162.550