Town starts social media campaign to attract a Dollar General store

Published: Jul. 21, 2019 at 9:08 PM CDT
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A small town in Oregon County is turning to social media to state it's case for a Dollar General. Residents tell KY3, it is a true need for their rural community.

"We really, really need a Dollar General here," Hope Reed exclaimed.

"The people of Koshkonong need it. This isn't about Koshkonong. This is about the people of Koshkonong and the rural community," Koshkonong Mayor George Hunt explained.

"We've heard no for the last four years and anytime you would call it was just, no, we can't," Reed stated.

Right now, Koshkonong has one option for groceries - a gas station.

"She goes through a lot of milk. Milk here at the gas station is six dollars," mother Samatha Sinyard said when pointing to her daughter.

Everyone travels out of town for groceries. That means spending extra money on gas.

"Just to get my groceries...I'm probably spending at least thirty dollars per month in gas," Mark Sanders said.

"I pick which town I'm going to go to, depending on what the item is I need. Thayer doesn't always have the options either. Then I'm driving 15 miles, 30 miles round trip," Deidre Staley added.

Even kids are speaking up.

"I think we need one so people like my age, or little kids that have an allowance or something, could go to a Dollar General and buy stuff that they want or need," Nikkita Barnett told KY3.

Mayor George Hunt says the city's infrastructure is ready for new business.

"This town could right now, grow four times what it is right now, without doing anything to the infrastructure."

People say their pleas for a store have been met with no's because Koshkonong is too small.

"The city is a population of 212 but the population density is 1,243, Reed stated. We have a highway out here, that gets 6,000 travelers per day, according to a 2016 MoDOT reading."

Now the town is turning to social media campaign called '30 days of Dollar General.'

Sunday was day seven.

"We post funny memes. We post information, facts and all kinds of things concerning Dollar General, Reed explained. We post that stuff to raise awareness about how much this community really needs a Dollar General."

It's been described as a last-ditch effort.

But if it pays off - it could give a jump start to a town that really needs it.

"I really think it would be enormous. The effect of it, would actually bring jobs to the area. I think it would bring other businesses to the area too," Sanders said.

"It'll be heaven," Sinyard screamed.

"It'd feel great. It would feel real good," James Barnett added.

"It would be a block party, I think," Reed exclaimed.