City of Branson, Mo. upgrades traffic signals to ease traffic congestion

BRANSON, Mo. -- The Missouri Department of Transportation received a grant to pay for an upgrade to all the city of Branson traffic lights.

It's a $334,800 grant that will help improve traffic across the city by upgrading traffic signals. Joye Davis is the owner of Farmhouse Restaurant, that sits right off a busy intersection in Branson.

"It has continued to get busy especially these last couple of years," said Davis.

For more than four decades now, she's seen not only business grow, but the traffic as well.

"At one time it had a 4 way stop, I think it's improved having the lights out there now," explained Davis.

However, she says from what she has seen and heard from her customers, the still traffic makes it harder for her customers to park.

"Traffic certainly lines up almost down to the landing, waiting to get through the lights, to get up the hill or to turn," said Davis.

The new grant will upgrade all 25 lights across the city to decrease that traffic congestion, improve citizen safety, and ultimately help the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The new technology will monitor traffic patterns, then communicate what needs to be adjusted, to make traffic flow faster in real time. It allows engineers to remotely fix traffic signals.

"Years ago it was predicted that Branson had met its peak," said Davis. "Well, it's been far from meeting it's peak and that was like 20 years ago."

With her charming smile, she says she hopes business continues to grow, just like Branson continues to improve.

These upgrades are said to take place within the year.