Polk County animal shelter promotes cat yoga

Published: Jan. 4, 2020 at 4:31 PM CST
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You may have heard of goat or dog yoga, but now there is a cat yoga in the Ozarks. Eden Animal Haven, a shelter for abused, abandoned, and unwanted cats in Brighton, held the event.

"Yeah, lots of cats," said Leslie Sawyer.

Leslie Sawyer is the founder and shelter director of Eden Animal Haven, a safe haven for cats in need.

"Cats love to interact with people and people love to interact with cats," said Sawyer.

Sawyer says she has done cat yoga before in another state and thought it would be a cool idea to bring to the Ozarks.

"Its community, it's getting people together because we all have a common love for animals and its good for our mind, body, and spirit," said Sawyer.

"When you're in yoga poses, they are interested, they are curious, it's so much fun," said Robyn Hurst.

Robyn Hurst is the instructor of the class.

Hurst says it was important for her to volunteer her time, she says she wants to help raise money for the shelter.

"Spay and neuter, I can't spread that message enough, because of overpopulation, nobody wants to see an animal live in misery so these are so lucky because they have been living here and they have a safe place and they are waiting for their forever home," said Hurst.

Sawyer says Saturday was not only an opportunity for people to exercise and snuggle cats, but also to show the massive amount of homes needed for cats.

"We get a lot of kittens in because a lot of kittens are not spayed and neutered," said Sawyer.

She says the cats at her shelter are up to date on their vaccinations, they are tested, dewormed, chipped and parasite treated.

"It's so much cheaper to adopt then it is to do all of that all on your own," said Sawyer.

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