Trial for man accused of murdering two women in Camden County 3 years ago delayed again

CAMDEN COUNTY, Mo. A man accused of killing a woman and her daughter near Camdenton won't go to trial until next year.

Prosecutors say Steven Endsley stabbed Danielle Smith and her mother, Theresa Jackson, then set their mobile home on fire.

"She is one of the most loving, giving person that anybody could have ever met," said Smith's sister, Heather Smith-Grosvenor.

It's been nearly three years since the women’s' bodies were found inside their charred mobile home.

Endsley, charged with two counts of first degree murder for killing them, has been in jail ever since.

Smith-Grosvenor said, "Why should he have freedom? He took hers and her life. Why should he be able to be out running around doing what he wants when he took everything from her?"

Investigators believe Smith's sexuality, living a homosexual lifestyle, may have been the reason she was killed.

"She would want stricter laws when it came to anybody in the LGBTQ community, they would be safe," said Smith.

Monday morning, Endsley went back in front of a judge to ask for yet another delay in the murder trial against him. This would make the seventh time this jury trial has been rescheduled in almost three years.

"I wouldn't have thought this would have happened today," said prosecuting attorney, Heather Miller.

She said that despite the state's objection, Endsley's case was continued again.

"This case has been through multiple different attorneys. We've had different things that have been unforeseen coming up," said Miller.

She said it's important to be thorough when prosecuting all cases.

"Missouri does something very right as far as our criminal justice system and that is, we don't do trial by ambush, said Miller. We make sure that all the evidence is out on the table. I'm not sure if there's any new evidence. It's certainly not in my control. What came forward is that both the defendant and his attorney did not feel that they were ready for trial at this time."

Smith-Grosvenor said, "What else could they possibly find to show that he's innocent? There's no reason. There's no sense in letting this go on and on and on. I need closure. My family needs closure. Just get him in prison where he belongs so that we can move on with our lives."

"We think that this case has been ready. Let's get this done," said Miller.

Endsley will stay in jail without bond.

His jury trial is scheduled for June 2020.

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