Trio jailed for plotting to smuggle contraband into the Baxter County, Ark. Jail

Published: Feb. 14, 2020 at 8:10 PM CST
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Three people are behind bars in Baxter County after authorities say they plotted to sneak contraband into the jail. Authorities say it's an issue facing the jail staff almost every day.

Jared Coddington, along with husband and wife Troy and Stacy Marlowe, all face felony charges after their failed attempt to get a package containing tobacco, smokeless tobacco, rolling papers, lighters and marijuana wax into the jail.

"Mr. Marlowe, our inmate, had made arrangements via telephone conversations from the jail, through the inmate phone system, with his wife and with a third party, to make a contraband drop," Capt. Jeff Lewis of the Baxter County Sheriff's Office told KY3.

The plan was to leave a package in the public bathroom at the courthouse, for another inmate to pick up and take back to Marlowe in jail.

Captain Jeff Lewis says this is the second time in a week that Coddington, who has been arrested more than 20 times in the past three years, tried to get drugs into the jail.

"It's a never-ending problem that we deal with everyday or every week," Lewis said.

Capt. Lewis says inmates have ingenious ideas of smuggling contraband into the jail.

"We've found contraband under a postage stamp, on a envelope before that has been for inmate mail. We have found contraband many times in bibles that have been brought in to the jail for tubes of toothpaste, shampoo."

Lewis says Stacy Marlowe and Coddington were both out on bail, for other drug charges, when this happened.

Lewis says he would like to see repeat offenders receive lengthier sentences.

"Even if we charge someone with that offense, it's frequently rolled together with the original charges that they are already in jail for and they really don't get any extra time for it. It just runs consecutive with the original charges," Lewis explained.

All three are in jail - only Stacy Marlowe can bond out.

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