Try this if you want a grateful, kind child

Published: Feb. 19, 2020 at 8:35 AM CST
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On this Live, Life, Well we're looking at ways to help your kids feel more grateful. Some call the latest generation the 'scene' generation. They need speed, convenience, entertainment, nurturing and they feel entitlement.

We talked to Doctor Jennifer Baker about ways to help kids feel more grateful. She used the common example of children wanting a cell phone.

As a parent, you can ask what's it going to cost and who has the best deal? Make them do some research.

Then, ask them what kind of work would you be willing to do to earn the phone? It could be walking the dog, mowing the lawn or washing their own laundry.

The process makes your child feel grateful when they finally get the phone and less entitled to own one.

An entitled child may not appreciate the expense of the technology.

"The problem is that when we start thinking in this way we feel less grateful for our life. Our world becomes very small and all about us and we're usually not very happy or content then which then affects feelings of depression and anxiety," explains Dr. Jennifer Baker.

If the child does work around the house, pay them what you think is fair for the job. Then, give them praise for a job well-done.