Turkey takes out Camden County, Mo. detective's cruiser windows

CAMDENTON, Mo. -- "I was heading to Farmington Correction Center to interview a suspect on a case," recalled Detective Mark Kordula of the Camden County Sheriff's Office.

Kordula left Camden County and started the nearly three hour drive to Farmington.

Just about 45 minutes away from his destination on Interstate 44, an unwelcome passenger broke into his car.

"Out of the corner of my left eye I saw this object coming toward my vehicle," Kordula said. "It was either going to hit on my window, or the back window. Luckily, my car moved up fast enough where it went through the side of my window, and out the back window, breaking both windows out."

The a turkey made his way in - and out - of Kordula's car.

Because the windows were broken, he had to turn back instead of finishing his drive to the correction center due to the risk of theft from the vehicle.

The car is getting new windows.

Kordula says this could have been much worse if it flew into his front driver side window.

"At traveling at 70 miles per hour, it probably would've knocked me out, and God only knows what would've happened after that," Kordula said.

The turkey - which the sheriff's office has named Tom Gobbler - didn't survive the impact.

Kordula says this is one of the weirdest non-call related incidents he's ever been a part of.

"You can't write this. I mean, that turkey coming through like that, it's definitely one of the weirdest ones," Kordula mused.

The sheriff's office says they have no finalized plans for a memorial service for Tom Gobbler, but wrote on Facebook one would be held in November.