2 custodians save school during storms in El Dorado Springs, Mo.

EL DORADO SPRINGS, Mo.-- Lightning is the reason for a fire at the El Dorado Springs Middle School
Thankfully, staff was there to call for help. Some are saying they saved the school.

Tammy Berning is one of the janitors at the school who saw the fire raging out of the roof of the gymnasium Monday night.

"It was just a normal night before the fire... and then we had to get things moving," said Dennis Berning.

The Benings said they were inside working when they heard a noise.

"We heard a click and we thought it was a breaker so we got up and looked up at the breakers and they were fine," said Tammy.

"We didn't think much of it," said Dennis.

As a result, they went on with their night and went outside to toss the trash, this is when Dennis spotted the flames.

"I looked up and I told Tammy the school is on fire, call Rita and I'll call the police truck and get the fire trucks started," said Dennis.

School superintendent Mark Koca says lightning struck the old rubber roof causing the fire. He says if this had happened after custodians shift, they could have possibly lost the building. He says this would have been detrimental to the community.

"All small towns are this way, if you lose your school, you lose your identity and we are the largest employer by far in town," said Koca.

And while most would say Dennis and Tammy are town heroes for getting help so quickly, they beg to differ.

"I don't think I am a hero, I think I just did my job," said Tammy.
"Just another night for us," said Dennis.