Two gun bills among hundreds pre-filed leading up to legislative session in January

Published: Dec. 27, 2018 at 5:24 PM CST
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Two guns bills are among the hundreds Missouri lawmakers are pre-filing for the legislative session that begins January 9th.

Representative Justin Hill and Representative Gretchen Bangert have introduced the bills.

Hill's bill deals with where gun owner's can store their gun as long as it's in their own private car, while Bangert's bill would require your gun to be unloaded and securely stored in your car so guns don't end up in the hands of criminals.

Republican Justin Hill has proposed House Bill 82.

In short, it specifies that lawful gun owners may transport or store their gun in locked, privately-owned cars.

Hill's bill would allow for employers to ban employee firearms from company-owned cars and allow the employer to require the gun be locked in a case or out of plain sight.

Democrat Gretchen Bangert's bill, House Bill 2615, is a modification to the bill she filed last year.

Her bill would require folks to store their unloaded gun in a secure container, locked safe or trunk of their car. The bill would allow for loaded guns to be in the car but only if the owner is in the car with the gun. No loaded gun could be left unattended.

Speaking with Representative Bangert by phone, she says she introduced the bill to hopefully get some of the guns out of the hands of criminals.

"If you can't see a gun or you see that it is locked in a locked safe in a car, my hope is it will discourage criminals from taking it from the car," Bangert said.

Both the bills mention something about securing a gun in a locked case - something Greg Martin teaches in his concealed carry classes.

"We've always taught whether it's in their home or in their vehicle, they need to look at some sort of safe system, whether it's a bio metric safe or an electronic key lock safe or whatever," Martin exclaimed.

Martin preaches responsible gun ownership.

"I think if you're going to be a responsible gun owner, you're going to have to take that little extra effort to make sure that your gun doesn't fall in the wrong hands, whether it's a criminal or child."

The last days for bills to be considered is May 17th.