Two men charged with crude sex acts against children in Seymour

Published: Jan. 22, 2020 at 9:59 PM CST
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Two Webster County men are in jail, charged with sexually abusing children over a period of years.

Wayne Shockey and Samuel Barnett are being held on half a million dollars each.

Court paperwork tells a horrific tale of what investigators say they put two children through at a house in Seymour.

"They're tough. They're very tough in general because of the nature of the age of the victims," said Webster County Prosecutor Ben Berkstresser.

Last week police served a warrant at a house on C Street in Seymour after they got a tip that Barnett and Shockey were sexually abusing two children.

"We're not seeking all the evidence just to go hang somebody up. We're seeking all the evidence that would prove either guilt or innocence," said Berkstresser.

Investigators refer to Barnett as the ringleader of the adults who sexually violated the children, with Shockey a willing participant.

The details, too graphic to mention.

Barnett faces six felony charges so far. Shockey is facing three.

Berkstresser said it's important to pay attention even to the smallest claim of abuse made by a child.

"I know that it's easy to dismiss or give some other meaning to those because we don't want to believe those bad things happen," he explained.

Berkstresser said that authorities reacted quickly to what the children reported.

"Listen and react. If you hear something that just doesn't jive and gives you a gut instinct that something's wrong talk to somebody," he said.

He explained that these types of cases are some of the most difficult.

"We all have a duty to look out for the children in our community and to listen and react. Don't be too dismissive. You never know when you could intervene and change the course of a child's life," he said.

The children involved have since been taken into protective custody.

More charges could still be filed against Barnett and Shockey.

They are scheduled to be back in court next week.