2 rural fire departments urge voters to say yes to a merger

Published: Mar. 30, 2019 at 8:05 PM CDT
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Carl Eutsler is the fire chief at Marionville Rural Fire Association.

While he has been the chief for only four years, he has been a firefighter for more than 35 years. Eutsler says he became a firefighter to help his community. But, he says he realizes the challenges his station faces, especially when there is not enough money coming in from the service fees.

"We charge 70 dollars a year for each person that pays and you have 140 that pay and that leaves me with a little bit more than 9,000 dollars for a whole year, I lose people every year," said Eutsler. "With the cost of fuel, the cost of insurance is going up, and my money is going down."

Eutsler says he doesn't have money to replace outdated equipment, 30 year old fire trucks or fix broken down trucks. He says they don't even have enough money to lay down concrete for their truck parking.

As a result, Eutsler says he went to the Aurora Rural Fire District and asked for a merger.

"People can either vote this in on April second or I have to close my doors," said Eutsler.

Eutsler says the firefighters at his station are in favor of this merger and have already filled out applications to be Aurora Rural fire fighters. He says if the merge happens he will still become a firefighter if Aurora Rural Fire District allows it. I'll become a firefighter.

Aurora Rural Fire District Chief Aaron Seigrist says if the merge passes, they will continue to use the station in Marionville. He also said, the same type of merger happened with them and Verona. He says all the feedback he has received from that merger has been positive.

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