Two scam calls you should know about

Sometimes it can be really tough to tell fact from fiction on the phone.

Remember, scams are seasonal. Crooks love to strike when the iron is hot, so be aware if or when you get these calls.

It's insurance enrollment time. You can signup for Medicare and mandatory insurance. Crooks are calling people and offering to enroll them over the phone. They ask for your Medicare card number -- don't do it. That's often your social security number. They'll also tell you there's an application fee. Wrong. You don't have to pay to signup. Plus, real certified application counselors cannot call you.

"We do not. We are actually not allowed to, so if we are going to call someone, they have given us their permission in the past to reach out to them again," said Kate Conn, certified application counselor.

Here's the other scam call going around. Crooks call and say you need to pay your students loans. Listen closely -- this is actually a recording.

The message states, "I need to discuss your repayments options ..."

That's just not how the student loans works. If you fear there is a real problem .. just call the number on your statement.

There's no surefire way to dodge all scam calls, but do these two things.
1. Join both No Call Lists -- there's National and State.
2. Don't pick up or call back. When you pick up, they know you have a working number ... so they'll keep calling. Same goes if you dial back that missed call.