Two things you can do to improve your marriage

SPRINGFIELD, Mo We're looking at simple things you can do to give your relationship a reboot.

A Northwestern University professor is revealing his research on how the best marriages work. It's in his book, The All or Nothing Marriage.

So, we talked to our local expert Dr. Jennifer Baker. She gave us two simple things you can do to improve your marriage. The first step is as easy as just holding hands.

Dr. Jennifer Baker says, "Hold their hand. Just for a short period of time. It's not a huge investment. But, it communicates, hey, I'm here. I know you're here. I'm glad your here. That simple human touch makes a big difference in all our relationships. But, especially in a marriage."

One other easy relationship hack, notice the good things that your partner is doing instead of what you don't like. You could thank them for going to work and getting a paycheck, for putting gas in the car or for helping your children get ready for school.