UPDATE: City of Springfield works to clean up recent vandalism

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo - Red spray paint still covers surveillance cameras in the parking garage off of Campbell Ave. and Olive St. in downtown Springfield. Vandals struck again over the weekend. They spray painted surveillance cameras and tagged cars.

Jonathon Moler, Supervisor with Public Works, says they have been unable to remove the red spray paint from the cameras because they cannot reach them. They are working to find a solution.

"We've actually never had cameras spray painted," Moler said. "We weren't able to get up there and reach them."

Moler says they try to make sure the garages are clean and graffiti free. But this summer he has seen an increase in vandalism.

"The recent cases have been a bit extreme," Moler said. "What happens when we do find vandalism, is we take pictures, we file a police report and then we have some graffiti remover we use as soon as possible."

The Springfield Police Department manages the surveillance cameras. However, officers say no one watches 24-7.

Police reports were filed in the most recent vandalism cases.